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That weekend Suga didn’t think about anything except sleep, which was also the main thing he also did. So late he had arrived and stayed that other day that he didn’t notice how dark the sky had gotten once he took the bus back home. It was one of those months were the sun would linger in the sky longer than it should’ve, or at least you’d expect it to. The boy didn’t come into his mind either. Once they had actually gotten in the bus Suga could hide himself in some section of the seats, but that didn’t seem necessary as the boy seemed to do that before he could. He completely lost him when he arrived to the park too.

On Monday there was less of a rush, so Suga was able to take his ride at his usual time. The time he was used to. A part of him kind of missed the real silence that it had when he was there last week, even if it only lasted momentarily once his unexpected neighbor arrived. Speaking of which, he wasn’t there this time. Maybe he would keep going at that same time an hour and a half later. Or even more probable (in Suga’s mind), he moved back to that HH Rec district. For some reason Suga never sympathized with people from that area. They seemed to hesitate when trying to get used to another district; atmosphere for that matter.

He didn’t linger on that thought too often. The mellow rap that was being played through his headphones took him to another setting. He felt everything would go back to normal, there was a few people walking to and fro, but never staying. Never hopping up and down in place. Suga felt like falling asleep again.

When he did wake up, the boy was there again. Wait, what day was it? Maybe Wednesday? No, but he was on time yesterday... All he knew was it was some other day, and the boy was there again, not late like their first meeting, but why earlier? This was Suga’s schedule. He couldn’t believe he was being followed. Yet, he couldn’t prove any of that because he barely even knew a thing about this guy’s motives or reasons. He hated not knowing anything that would affect him. And why was he still calling him “that guy”? He had a name didn’t he? Goes to show how much a lazy weekend does to someone like Suga.

He still couldn’t remember, but it didn’t seem like he needed to. Neither of them were talking. Suga more sure than anything didn’t want to direct the first word, and he also wasn’t going to let his skateboard fall off his hand another damn time. He acted like he still hadn’t noticed that the boy had arrived, staring down; sometimes at his phone. It didn’t seem like he was going to get used to being in this type of atmosphere any time soon. He only came to the park four days a week. Sometimes five, but that only happened when he had no schoolwork, which was also a rare occurrence. If those four days just so happened to be the ones that the boy also took, then he could already see the year getting longer by three.

Just then the boy twitched a little and turned to his right. It sounded like a sneeze, but it was a lot more quiet than that. This time he had a dark magenta sweater, and he rubbed the sleeve of it on his nose lightly. His hair was damp and wavy, and it covered more of his eyes than that first time Suga had seen him. It was annoying how much looking at him had become an unnecessary distraction. He caught himself staring at some aspect of his presence, usually with a squished face, as if confused but also full of judgement. It was exhausting having to think this much even after classes were over.

As the minutes passed, Suga began to believe no actual conversation would happen which was just fine since he was beginning to get absorbed back into his music. He hadn’t stepped off a single inch since he had arrived there. He had started to forget he was ever even accompanied. Was it even the same boy from last week? There could be countless number of people that look the same from the side. In some way it just didn’t make sense that he would stay quiet, unless he knew of any reason that guy had. That guy. What was his name again?


It sounded right. Wasn’t it? he thought. Suga’s memory was bad on some parts, but it wasn’t that bad. Especially when he really put it to use. And... Jimin was a nice name. Though, he was sure he knew of some girl with that same name before. It fitted someone more feminine in his opinion. But even now that he got a name it was still useless. What kind of topic could you talk about if you only knew someone’s name?

That guy, Jimin, wasn’t saying a word.

Just then a bus was coming up, but it wasn’t the one to get on for going to the park. He saw Jimin (if it was him) go up to it though, meaning he was planning to take it. What the hell? Doesn’t he know his bus routes by now? Suga still didn’t say anything. He couldn’t believe, was he really going to get on this one?

Still clueless, the other boy took on the first step inside the sliding door, nonchalant as ever. The driver also looked clueless, until they saw that Jimin was holding a skateboard, and they adopted a look of confusion. There was evidently no other person on this bus that ever stepped in with a board, unless you wanted to go all the way to another park in the district across. It looked as if the driver was about to say something to him just then.

“That’s not the one.”

“Huh?” Jimin turned around.

That’s NOT the one.” Suga repeated, not sure what drove him to say it before anyone else could. Maybe it was already too much not letting him know that he would be going somewhere else, and also probably getting lost on the way back in the process. Now he was sure it was actually him. His face was almost a new one as he looked at it puzzled.

The bus driver redirected their attention and then confirmed what Suga had already said. Jimin halted for a second and then took back his steps, apologizing on the way down. His board hit the side of the door as it went out. You could tell the driver was somewhat ticked off before finally closing the doors again. It went away rather quickly after that.

“Thanks. For that, I mean.” Jimin fixed his bangs a bit.

“Didn’t think you’d actually do it.” Suga shot back.

“Eheh, I thought there would only be one bus going one way.”

Was he serious? Honestly? “There’s two buses taking this stop. You have to look at the side label, it says where they go. You would’ve ended up in another side of the city if you’d taken it.” Suga explained, but also subliminally kept stressing that Jimin pay attention to the sign posted right in front of the stop. He couldn’t believe how shallow this guy turned out to be, seriously.

“Oh, I see it now Sorry I don’t pay attention to that stuff the first time around.”

Suga was really starting to wonder how he could’ve gotten stuck with someone like this. Was he gonna have to teach him how to take the right buses back home too or what? For a split second he regretted taking him from that wrong route.

“You’ve taken this already, though. It’s a bus.”

Jimin smiled nervously, “I only live here.” and ended it with a laugh. The first time he’d ever heard it.

“Yeah, right.” Suga thought again, not aware that he also hadn’t kept that to himself.

Second story!! I forgot to mention each one of these will be around 1-2k just to be soft on myself. I actually uploaded this one a while ago but now it's here!! ;DDDD I'll have the next one some other week. Thanks if you're reading it. And I guess this is technically yoonmin but please don't read it if it's your ultimate ship.

Suga finds himself drawn to an unexpected companion at the bus stop.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Rigged strokes lined the asphalt forcefully as Suga jumped out of the bus with his skateboard. The gray smoke would come out on the door’s side and fill his lungs involuntarily, he started to cough. Thankfully the wind that came as the bus departed cleared the air around him. He balanced the skateboard on his right hand and started walking.

Usually he wouldn't have taken it this late in the evening, but there wasn’t enough change on his counter, so he resorted to withdrawing money from his card which rarely had more than $20 in it. This wasn’t the only bus he would take though. There was still 94L which took the longest route, and was far less frequent, so he would often wait 20 minutes for it. This time he wasn’t sure if it would arrive within that time frame, but his timing was already a natural late and he thought “what the hell”.

The walk to the stop was an easy one: just around the other corner of the block. Suga particularly liked the mural that stood behind it. It was a monochrome spray paint with shining light blue strokes tracing the figure. It was some sort of dragon, or a beast. He didn’t care to decipher it since that’s what made it even cooler. The area was often quite empty since it was near the center of the city and no one liked to stay in the buildings after work was over. It might’ve been close to perfect in his opinion.

For the longest time he had been the only one to stand there with his headphones beating music into his ears. Only once he had arrived to the skating park did he start a conversation with someone. Just thinking about having to deal with someone next to him at a lousy bus stop made him get irritated. This was the last thing he expected when he spotted a blurry figure coming from the left side of the block.

He hoped and he hoped so honestly that they might just be passing by, but his mood immediately dropped once they took a stop and seemed to get comfortable in their standing position. A thick windbreaker hoodie covered the stranger’s side view, making Suga more annoyed for some reason. At least show your face if you’re gonna disturb my space. With the sun getting close to setting, it started to become more chilly.

Suga turned the volume to his music up two bars and all it took now was getting through this awkward standing moment for as long as he could. At this moment was the time he really demanded the bus would come more frequently. The air didn’t feel right when he knew he was sharing it with someone. And even though all of this was going on inside his head, Suga tried to keep his cool. Not even a flinch or a daring glance was allowed since it’d only show that he was obviously affected by the stranger’s presence. On the other hand the stranger seemed to be enjoying being at the stop, if that was even remotely possible the way Suga thought about it. They did small hops every once in awhile, still keeping quiet, but you could evidently tell they were in a much better mood than any other normal person at 5pm with a delaying bus.

Only a few minutes passed by successfully without Suga wanting to curse out the bus driver for taking so long. That still wasn’t what happened when the sweat forming on his right hand made his skateboard slip and fall hard on the ground; which might as well have been like a piano falling from a long rope into the street as Suga could hear it even through his music.

He tried to pick it up as fast as he could but that still didn’t stop from making his neighbor say the first words; Suga already felt punished.

“Is your skateboard okay?” The boy said turning slightly so you could barely make his eyes and nose. Now he knew it was some guy. Guys are at least easier to shut up than girls.

Suga only looked for a second. It seemed like the boy was still grinning. He didn’t know falling skateboards were such a funny joke now. He dusted his board with two of his fingers before putting it back into grip.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” Suga responded trying to let off as few words as possible. One of his favorite tracks had just ended in his headphones, so he could he hear everything. The interlude had now become way too long for his liking, but the boy kept his faint grin. His bottom lip was slightly tucked in and none of this was making sense to Suga the more he thought about it. He wouldn’t notice it until much later but now the space between the two of them had closed a bit.

It became a stupid realization once Suga saw that he too was holding a skateboard; it was on his left hand. A coincidence so over the top he now believed there must be someone doing this to him on purpose.

“So this bus does head to the park, right?” he uttered again. Because just one question wasn’t enough for Suga to answer.

Suga made an annoyed face he wasn’t aware of. “I would hope so.” he answered, emphasizing the board that had just came back to his hand. They had already started talking, so he knew there was no way they’d go back his preferred silence just like that. The other boy knew that too.

“You go there often, right? I’m just guessing since you’re here.” His words were all smiles. Just what the heck was so exciting about heading to a park anyways?

“... Yeah, the one in YJ, that’s the one.” Suga pointed at the stop sign marking the bus number and route. YJ was one of the three public districts for parks and primary schools. It was a humble little neighborhood, but still pretty dull when no one was doing anything during the weekends. It had the only skating park Suga liked, and he was more than willing to go all the way there in public transportation 4 times a week.

The boy went on, “I never skated there before. I’m usually from HH Rec, but I’m going to YJ since I just moved near here.”

“Hmm...” Suga tried to look sort of surprised. He was bad at caring about other people’s life story, truly. All he could make out now was the stranger’s dark brown hair that went just above his lashes, and his nose which was a slight shade pink, probably from the cold. His eyes were perfectly shaped dark brown spheres which could’ve thrown any other girl off, but Suga was way too focused on the time to really pay attention. He had also remembered how much he disliked HH Rec.

Suga thought the boy would say something back, but the pause seemed to go on a little bit longer until they both heard the engine of the bus nearing from two blocks away. What a blessing this was for him. He stepped up to the edge of the sidewalk ready to put all his change in. The coins shuffled inside his palms restlessly that sweat started to form.

The bus took a stop right in front of the other boy as if the driver knew Suga was already having the time of his life and he wanted to make it better. Hesitantly he walked over behind him and waited for the doors to open. It was louder than before, or maybe it was because there really was no noise this late in the day. The driver was expressionless as he saw the boy step in and pay his fare. Suga thought he saw him glance back at him for a brief second, but he decided to ignore it. Why is he taking so long?

Finally Suga could step in, bringing his skateboard forward first. The change had all piled up in an unorganized assortment of 10 cents and 50 cents with more than enough 5s. Without planning it, he started dumping all of them into the machine since the sweat had made it easier for it all to fall faster. He just needed three more, but then he watched in defeat as one of the 10s fell to the ground and rolled to the hall. It didn’t go too far as pale fingers caught it under two seconds. Too fast it was almost like they saw it coming. Of course it was the other boy. The bus looked so empty you could only spot three people in the far back.

He stood up and handed the 10 back to Suga with a humble look.

“....Thanks.” Suga said still trying not to feel affected by anything the stranger did.

“‘re welcome.” He said cheerfully.

What kind of farce was he trying to play by being this nice? Suga wasn’t used to having people be this way with him. It would throw him off, and for good reason, because he wasn’t the type to easily respond the same way back. Having this from someone he barely knew for a few minutes put him on edge. He was going over it in his mind so much that he didn’t realize when he asked himself aloud, “Who is this guy?”

And the boy quickly turned around to say, “My name’s Jimin.” with the widest smile Suga had ever seen.

Wait for Me: Int
Hello, again! I decided to write another bts fic after the last one since I was left thinking about it for a while. I took the liberty to make this one a series of vignettes instead of a chaptered fic because I don't want to give false hopes to anyone and this format is much easier for me to do every once in a while. Plus, I really wanted to this kind of au <3.

I am posting this fic mainly on Ao3 and uploading it here a week later so if you want the first update please follow my Ao3 T A T// Thanks so much everyone
Yooooo so last time I wrote a journal was over a month ago and I wanted to apologize since my goal was two write like one or two a month. I have some stuff to talk about obviously, but as you can tell I'm pretty busy/distracted with several things.

    Anyways school is getting very intense these months. I'm on my last year and I've had to focus a lot of my time into applications and personal statements. Just last week I applied to my first colleges which was pretty exciting but also very chill since I had a lot of support so yay. I'm hoping for the rest of the month I will be able to get through the rest of the apps smoothly. I'm also doing few scholarships; idk I might end up doing more since i just really want to get as much money as I can. Just know that's probably what I'm doing if I'm not updating.

    For the past month I was also pretty emo with Highlight. I was depressed for a little bit over a week but I'm better now, at least mentally. Bagel squad is staying by my side ofc. Thanks squad ;') The only thing is that I haven't gotten much sleep because I stay up trying to draw and do other assignments on the same night after coming home from work TT_TT. I really need to make a better schedule for myself. I'm back to dieting and trying to keep up with my hygiene but it gets hard sometimes. This gets in the way of what I can get done tbh.

    I've been doing mostly watercolor art for now and I upload those on my IG @/sekk_des and @/zhaleys but I'm gonna set reminder to put them on my status cuz i don't want my page to be dry all the time dammit. Someone honestly remind me of this because then I forget to remind myself that I have to remind myself (you see my problem here). I think there was only like 2 digital drawings I've done. I was doing other digital stuff but that was for my sticker packs, and I want to release those together. I'm also trying to get quality photos to put on my storenvy. idk why I'm feeling I should remodel it too. So much I want to do and not enough effort/time.

    On another note there's also printing business I've been figuring out. I made bookmarks and greeting cards now, and I'm buying more supplies and paper to make quality stuff. I swear I struggled for like a week trying to figure out what kinds of papers there are. In the end I managed to get some samples and life has been a little but easier on that part. Just know more bookmarks are coming soon! As for stickers, I want to get those printed on a site from now on because my ratchet printing and laminating needs to cease xD. Printing charms is also on my mind but I don't think I'll be ordering any for the moment. I need to get more things prepared for that. Maybe January.

:star:Commissions are still open ofc. I have 3 small ones for stickers but the three slots are still open. Don't forget I'm open to doing stickers and small traditional ones. My PayPal has been restricted right now, so I will only be able to accept card via Stripe, but I also want to set up that app for sending money. I forgot what it's called but if that's ever needed I will get it set up. Please help I'm broke even with my basic jobs.

Now I want to shout out some people for inspiring me and being amazing friends even though I am basic and don't appreciate them enough, but also because you need to see their amazing stuff it makes me cry.


Taru~ (animu trash friend for possibly 2 decades)

Nocti~ (gay cosplayer friend. they emit gay and beautiful makeup)

Cobaltblue (senpai ;'0 watercolor so beautiful)
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Artist | Student | Digital Art

Hello my real name is Diana but I go by pen name zhaleys and coser name Juren. I make digital and traditional art. Most of my work is fan art, but I have some originals as well. I have a deep hatred for anime, kpop, jrock, metal, and novels. I might draw M-rated stuff once in a while so beware. I also make props and crafts for cosplay once in a while.

I'm really bad at updating and being active, sorry. I recently came back from a 2 year hiatus and I'm doing my best to update more as an artist as well as take on other responsibilities. You might notice my gallery is all messed up. I'm trying to put a lot of things back in order.

I do accept commissions ;D at the moment. Please read the commission journal.
Please don't take anything I say way too seriously. I want to share my art and be able to see art shared ^^

Also, please do not repost my art or claim it as your own. I usually post all my works on other websites myself like Tumblr, pixiv, Instagram, and here in devART. If you would like to use my work as an icon or for a project, just send me a note and I'll be happy with that. I promise you I allow it 99% of the time

:iconkokorox: :iconspainplz: :icondaisuki-plz::iconpandablompplz: .....


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